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MTL 51

Motor Gücü 2 Hp
Silindir Hacmi 47,7 cc
?anz?man Standart
Burgu Çap? 20 cm
A??rl?k 9,1 kg
Powerful engines that are reliable and strong thanks to the forged steel engine shaft and connection rod. The lightweight construction and great versatility make these units ideal for use by a single operator. controls are grouped in one hand. Particular useful for small drilling operations in all sectors.

MTL 85

Motor Gücü 5,4 Hp
Silindir Hacmi 80,7 cc
?anz?man 1 ?leri - 1 Geri
Burgu Çap? 40 cm
A??rl?k 31 kg
Model with professional performances that is both practical and safe. In fact, it is equipped with handles (foldable for easy transport) designed to provide a safe grip at all times, an automatic safety switch to stop the engine when operator loses control, plus an idle position and direction inverter to extract the bits easily from the earth.